Where to go during Tel-Aviv's illustration week

(Poster by Eitan Eloa, Monkey Business studio)

Tel Aviv's illustration week is a 10 day festival of colors, animations and art, starting today, the 16th November until the 25th of November. Dozens of events from workshops and exhibitions to guided tours will take place in various places around Tel Aviv. We’ve gathered some of the interesting ones for you.


(Cerberus by Shira Noc)

The Best of Tel Aviv’s Illustration Week

Don’t have time to visit everything? Touche. Well, at least visit the streets of Jaffa to enjoy a street exhibition with 60 of the best chosen artworks.

Where? Mazal Dagim and Mazal Arieh alleys in Old Jaffa

Paper Heroes

Love Origami, Paper Mache and other-paper-related-artwork? This exhibition in Old Jaffa Museum is just for you. Come and see artworks from 50 different artists from Israel and across the universe. Starting Friday, 17.11

Where? Jaffa Museum, Mifrats Shlomo 10, Tel Aviv-Yafo

General admission in entrance.

Ot Ve Ot

22 artists, 22 Hebrew letters, and a world designed for each letter. Come and get your posters, they’ll look amazing in your living room.

Starting Friday, 17.11 at 12:00

Where? 11a Nitsana St (Side entrance)

Urban Tusch - Cities of the Future

The guys and gals from The Marker Gang along with Shin Sheva workspace are bringing you an exciting event where you can draw on anything you want, from walls to windows, and become a part of TLV’s Illustration Week.

Where? Shin Sheva, 7 Shoken St.

Making a Neighborhood, “Osim Schuna”

Come and see Tel Aviv from the eyes of the locals, who drew maps of the city in an artistic and interesting way.

Where? 8 Yehuda Margoza Street

Adam Tsair (Young Man)

Adam Tsair is a monthly magazine for kids, with educational subjects, no advertisements and beautiful illustrations that kids (and adults) love. Come and see these magical illustrations by different artists in a gallery celebrating their 50th volume.

Where? Jaffa Museum, Mifrats Shlomo 10, Tel Aviv-Yafo General admission in entrance.

Peeking: Illustrating an Israeli Family

A collaboration between artists and interior designers from xnet, creating illustrations of an imaginary Israeli family, "glued" onto the rooms and spaces. Mixing real places with illustrated characters.

Where? Warehouse 2, Jaffa Port

#Shacy_Doodles, From Hashtag to Exhibition

Shachar Bechor, the founder of The Marker Gang, will be showing and selling his work in a project he started 5 years ago, with amazing pieces of artwork and illustrations, all done with simple markers, check it out.

Where? Damndesign Studio, 3 Strauss St. Tel Aviv

(Shachar Bechor, Shacy Doodles)

“After School” Workshops

How To Stop Drawing The Same Characters Over and Over

Niv Tubul from Upopa Games, creators of the game Hopeless Heroes will demonstrate and show you how to think differently and draw things you’re not used to. Suitable for designers who know how to work with Photoshop.

20.11, 13:00-16:00 at Abraham Hostel. Costs 180 NIS.

Rotoscoping - Making Illustrations for Cinema and Docu Animations

Rotoscoping, an animation technique used by animators to trace over motion picture footage, will be demonstrated and taught by Yaron Shin, AKA Jewboy, Head of Visual Communications Academy in Vizo Haifa

23.11, 13:00-16:00 at Abraham Hostel. Costs 180 NIS.

More Events

Dana Ivgi x Mish

The actress and singer Dana Ivgi in a unique and single collaboration with the Director Michael “Mish” Roznov, where art will be drawn live, along with the music. An interesting experience.

60 NIS (Or 80 nis on the spot), Thursday November 23rd, 22:00

Where? TLV Illustration Week’s visitor Center at Abraham Hostel

Noon Party - Loop De Loop and BPM

Parties with DJs from BPM and animated videos from Loop De Loop festival. Also, come and swap your old comic, art or design books with others.

FREE Entrance. Friday, November 24th, 12:00-16:00

Where? TLV Illustration’s Week visitor Center at Abraham Hostel

Guided Tours by Talking Art

Not sure where to go? Try one of the guided tours in Jaffa, City Center or “Kiryat Hamelacha”.

90 NIS, 90 Minutes, and a lot of art. If you’re into seeing everything, that’s where you should go.


(From "Adam Tsair", illustration by Marianna Raskin)

Check out info about more events and galleries at TLV's Illustration Week Website (Hebrew)

With so much to see, we hope to see you there.

Happy illustrating!

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