This Man Travels The World For Free! Here’s How He Does It!

Every now and then someone using our app reaches out to share how much they love and believe in Knowers. This time it felt extra special, so we thought we’d share his story with you.

Meet Kevin Weijers, traveler extraordinaire. This man dropped it all to travel the world in exchange for work. No, he’s not just any wanderluster traveling across Europe or Asia doing odd jobs to keep going, he’s doing it for a purpose and to challenge himself with the experiment he created aptly named, 80Experiments.

Hi Kevin! Tell us all what you do for a living?

I’m mainly a public speaker on the topics of curiosity, creative entrepreneurship, innovation and the future of work.

What inspires you to travel?

Two years ago I began a project named, Around the World in 80Experiments. A challenge to help companies around the world launch new ideas in exchange for food and shelter. Ever since I’ve been traveling and have worked for a wide variety of companies and startups. Currently, I’ve completed 27/80 experiments.

How did you first hear about Israel as a travel destination?

I keep a list of places I want to go. After hearing positive stories from various people about Tel-Aviv, I added it to the list. When I spotted a cheap ticket a few weeks ago, it was a no-brainer to book it.

What did you hear?

I heard the people were very open and warm, the food was amazing and that it’s a place that you have to experience for yourself.

What were you most excited about when planning your Israel trip?

Honestly, I’m not a real planner. With plans come expectations, and those can be dangerous. I generally try to get in touch with local people (for an experiment), to

experience what it’s really like to live (and work) in the place I’m visiting. Only when you live like the locals live, do you really experience the city like the locals do.

What would you tell people about travelling in Israel?

I would tell them that I don’t know if I ever felt safer than I did in Tel-Aviv. It was so calm and easy-going. I think this is important to know, especially since it’s not the image you get when you follow the day-to-day news.

What would you tell people to eat while they’re in Israel?

Definitely, Shakshuka, Hummus, and this may sound weird but when in Tel-Aviv, go for Sushi - the city ranks as the 3rd largest sushi consumers in the world next to Tokyo and New York. Crazy. Also, if you’re lucky, you might just get invited to a Shabbat dinner on Friday nights, which is an amazing experience.

The Shabbat dinner meal Kevin was invited to was a special night, making his Israel experience very unique.

How do you find out about all the must know “hacks” before you travel?

What I usually do is use social media to find out if I have ‘friends of friends’ somewhere. This time, someone recommended the Knowers app, and I gave it a shot.

Ah yes, that brings us to the Knowers app. What was it like using Knowers?

I didn’t expect much, but when I asked my first question, "How to get from the airport to the city center?", I got multiple and very detailed replies. It surprised me, in a way that people were so helpful. This got me to ask more need-to-know stuff, and it definitely helped me explore the local side of Tel-Aviv. The thing I really like is that you can ask something as soon as the question pops in your head. Within 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll have an actionable answer. So, you can use it on the go.

What was the best Q&A you asked/received?

One day it was raining, so I asked: "What should I do when it rains in Tel-Aviv?". I got answers ranging from recommendations for great bars, restaurants and indoor food markets, to visiting a Whiskey distillery. That would’ve been hard to find on Google...

What was the outcome of your Q&A?

Going to the Whiskey distillery, of course ;)

We can see you like this app a lot, what do you think other people will use it for?

You can use Knowers for everything your imagination allows you to come up with. My recommendation is to download the app, ask your first question, and be surprised what it can do for you. The possibilities are endless.

Who do you think would benefit from Knowers the most? Do you have someone or a type or person in mind?

I see the possibilities for travel and meeting up with locals, but also for digital nomads and entrepreneurs to get in touch with local people to get a real feel for what it’s like to live in a certain place. Once you start connecting people, the possibilities are limitless.

Would you recommend Knowers to a friend?

Already did...

When you travel, what travel accessories can’t you live without?

I can do without pretty much anything except for my passport and credit card - that’s just the fundamentals of travel. Of course, a smartphone is great, but I would trade that for my notebook all day every day.

What is the one item you always carry with you?

The notebook...

What’s the best travel advice you’ve ever been given?

It sounds cheesy, but to enjoy everything. For anything you end up doing, you miss out on tons of other stuff. If you let ‘not seeing the entire top 10 to do’s on TripAdvisor’ influence your travel mood, you’ve already set yourself up for disappointment. So whatever you end up doing, enjoy it.

What are your favorite weekend activities?

I love wandering around without having any plans. Go from coffee place to coffee place to bars, and just follow my curiosity. It doesn’t have to be weekend for this though...

Do you treat yourself when you travel?

Traveling in itself is a treat. But I try to ‘treat’ myself with a workout every day. And since traveling can be intense, I do treat myself with a private room wherever I go.

If you weren’t an entrepreneur, what would you be doing?

Literally no idea.

And one final questions...If you had one super power, what would it be?

To put a moment on pause.

We know you’re having a blast traveling too but wouldn’t you love to know something more, just like a local would? Do you already use Knowers and have cool stories to share with us? We'd love to hear them, so make sure to drop us an email and tell us all about it. If you don't have cool travel stories yet, try downloading Knowers, and see where your local Knowers will lead you…

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