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Hey, I’m Gabi! I arrived in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago and was recommended by a friend of mine, which helped me personalize my travel experience and maximize my time while I was in Israel so much! Now I want to share some of the tips locals shared with me on the app, so you can enjoy them as well :)

Carmel Market

Bordered by Allenby Street and Magen David Square, the Carmel Market is arguably the first place one should go when visiting Tel Aviv. Packed with vibrant noises, an array of colors, and the smells of various local spices, the market reflects life in Tel Aviv, and beyond that, life in Israel. Also known as the Shuk Hacarmel when built in 1920s, the Carmel Market is the largest shuk in Tel Aviv. In the center of the city, this market is easy to find with the top end being traditionally focused on fashion and electronics whilst the lower end mainly consists of food and fresh produce stalls. The market itself, full of life and chaos, is riveting. One can walk along it for hours and still be unable to take in everything it has to offer. Due to its success, alongside the market there are a number of trendy bars, restaurants, and coffee-shops, bringing in both locals and tourists alike.

I loved these fruit shakes! Every time I visited the market I grabbed one to walk around with. My favorite mix was Strawberry, Banana, Date and Pineapple. So Yummmmm and refreshing!

If you were wondering if it's alright to bargain or not at the market, I'm happy to let you know that you should definitely go for it! On the fruits, vegetables and other food products your less likely to be over charged, yet on clothes, electronics, sunglasses and jewelry, you shouldn't agree to the first offering price. I almost always managed to get 5-20 Shekels off, simply by asking nicely, saving me almost a total of 100 shekels, from a single visit, not too bad, right?

I have loads more tips coming soon, so be sure to check out my other posts or download Knowers' app to ask locals you own questions to get your own personalized tips based on your interests!

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