Knowers Tip | It’s me Gabi again!

Hello! It’s me Gabi again with another tip of how to make the most out of your trip in Tel Aviv, while seeing all things trendy and hip. Use Knowers for any and all your travel questions :)

Hopefully by now you can tell that Tel Aviv venues love to be anything but conventional; this is clearly the case for the Little Prince, which serves as a bookstore, cafe, and bar. The Little Prince, hidden in the bustling King George St, is split into a cozy backyard area for coffee, reading, or drinking, as well as an indoor area with both a bar and the walls lined with books in an assortment of languages. Inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s book by the same name, the store shares a nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere that places its visitors in another world, much like its books.

While at the Little Prince, I had the amazing stir fried mushrooms salad. It came with a selection of mushrooms stir fried with tomatoes, peppers, and topped off with feta and walnuts.

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